Clarinetist with an internal and disruptive strenght” (Jazz Music)

“Among the most interesting emerging personalities of today’s national jazz scene” (Anima Jazz)

“Both strong and light, capable of impressing the instrument with lively and suggestive phrasings” (JazzIt)

“With expression’s capacity and harmonious phrasing, the well-ringed  delineating of Mariottini to the clarinets is invoked, which denotes feeling and is poured out with lively sharpness and vigorous and compelling fluency” (Italian Sound Company)

“With its refined and sinuous phrasing, now soft, now intense, from the digressions that rise with an intense and sensitive profusion” (Basimedia Magazine)

“Extremely flexible and technically extraordinary instrumentalist, endowed with a multifaceted style and a visionary phrasing … and with an uncommon melodic taste” (Jazz Music)


Graduated with honors as a clarinet major. After graduation he dedicated himself to jazz and as a composer, while participating in various seminars including those organized by the IASJ (International Association of Schools of Jazz) held by Dave Liebman, the High Professional Qualification Courses – Tuscany Region – at Siena Jazz. Later he performed with Steve Lacy in the field of classical music the Fiesole Specialization Courses. Subsequently he earned  an advanced degree in Jazz at the “Luigi Cherubini” Conservatory of Florence, and again with honors. He was part of the Italian Youth Jazz Orchestra, conducted by Bruno Tommaso and Giancarlo Gazzani, with whom he played with the trio of Peter Erskine (with John Taylor and Palle Danielsson) and later on with James Newton, of the IS Ensemble of Paolo Damiani and Theatrum of Stefano Battaglia. 

He started his own trio with Stefano Battaglia on the piano and Paolino Dalla Porta on the double bass. He has collaborated with musicians with the likes of: John Taylor, Glenn Ferris, Paul McCandless, Tony Scott, Sainkho Namtchylak, William Parker, James Newton, Butch Morris, Sadiq Bey, Antonello Salis, Chris Laurence, Ares Tavolazzi, Diana Torto, Riccardo Fassi, Ettore Fioravanti, Michele Rabbia, Goma Parfait Ludovic, etc. In 1997, he was a guest of the Turin Music Fair, whete he was presented by the Italian Instabile Orchestra as a new talent for jazz esearch in Italy.

He has played in several events such as Clusone, Europa Jazz Festival of Noci, Palermo, Barga Jazz, Fano, Siena Jazz, Milan, Monza, Fiesole, Teramo Jazz, Livorno, Foggia, Jazz Amphitheater of Lucca, Roccella Jonica, Mestre, Firenze Musicus Concentus and Fabbrica Europa, Rome, L’Aquila, Pisa, Ancona, Merano, Venice, Piacenza, Cantiere d’Arte di Montepulciano, Prato Metastasio Jazz. He traveled abroad in the USA, Great Britain, Spain, Greece, Germany, Belgium , Georgia and Turkey. As an eclectic musician and paying attention to multiple artistic and musical expressions, he collaborated on performances in the field of theater, visual arts and dance which includes (“Soli sulla tenderness” with Virgilio Sieni, “Fool Lear” by Alessandro Garzella and “Variations for voice and clarinets da Macbeth ”with the actress Francesca Russo and in“ Occasioni ”with Marco Baliani). He began, making music for installations of permanent works of art. As an arranger he was a finalist, with the song “It Always is” by Tom Harrel, at the 22nd International Barga Jazz Arrangement Competition 2009. 

He has participated in recording of numerous CDs. In 2005 his first CD as a leader entitled “Nugae” was published by the Splasc (h) label which documents the artistic path of the trio with Stefano Battaglia and Paolino dalla Porta. Collaborates on the realization of the cd by Stefano Battaglia entitled “Re: Pasolini”, published in 2007 by the prestigious German label ECM.  Recently he has composed and recorded the Suite “Visions in music on the writings of David Lazzaretti”, dedicated to the figure of David Lazzaretti “mystical -revolutionary ”who lived in the mid-nineteenth century in Tuscany, for an ensemble of 12 musicians with the presence of guests such as Giovanni Falzone on trumpet and Marco Baliani, eminent theatre actor and representative of one of the most interesting Italian theatre schools, on reciting voice. In 2011 he made the soundtrack for the documentary “La Duecentenaria” in collaboration with the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Milan and the Lombardy Region. 

He collaborated with RAI – TRADE in the creation of music for television broadcasts. He is mentioned by the American flutist James Newton, during an interview, as one of Eric Dolphy’s heirs. It is part of the Glenn Ferris Italian Quintet with which he recorded the recent CD entitled “Animal Love”.

The last CD, “dialogues”  is released in February 2021 by the Enja label. This work was recorded with the accordionist Luciano Biondini and Stefano Maurizi on the piano.